Kinky sex and mens bondage wear

The greatest thing about mens bondage wear is the fact that there are tons of selections to choose from. It’s quite difficult to find a favorite or to even say that something is your favorite because of this fact. I think you really have to spend as much time as you possibly can to figure out the best options you have and take advantage of them.


I myself cannot really make up my mind just yet when it comes to mens bondage wear. I already have a lot in my closet but it keeps that there’s still so much more I haven’t seen and tried. So there’s really no way of saying which one is my favorite as of the moment. But if you squeeze this kind of information from me, I would say that I love butt plugs.


Sometimes I can also say that my favorite mens bondage wear is none other than the girls panties for men because they are unique, different, and one of a kind. Everybody loves to see me in them and everybody desires to have sex with me when I’m wearing my pair because it helps make me look even sexier.


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